Toy Track with 1,100 toy cars is worth Millions!

Chris Burden is a Match Box fanatic, so much in fact, that he ‘owned‘ a track with over 1,100 toy cars swooshing around in all directions. The track had the occasional accident where the car would fly out of the track or crash against other cars in bumper to bumper conveyor belts. The track, called Metropolis II, has over 18 car lanes, 13 railroad tracks, and huge hand made skyscrapers.

Chris Burden, with the help of his Chief Engineer Zack Cook and ten assistants, spent millions of dollars and 4 years of their lives creating the track. At the end, Metropolis’ amazing sky line, measures a staggering 10-feet tall and 28 feet long, has anywhere between 30 to 40 buildings and about 1,100 Matchbox cars; each with a modified underbelly that holds magnets to help them move along certain conveyor belts.

The track was just recently sold to an undisclosed buyer for millions, hopefully more money than it cost to make, and it is currently being packed in small sections inside large steel boxes to prevent the Mega Match Box City from moving as it is transferred to it’s new location over the next 3 months.

This is considered “art” by many, according to Bruce, if someone calls it art, then it is, the only question is how good is it.

via GG