Anonymous To Destroy Facebook On November 5th

You guys remember the movie V for Vendeta right? the whole poem of “remember, remember the fifth of November” this is what this video reminded me off, Anonymous is claiming that on the Fifth of November of 2011 they are going to take down and destroy Facebook. So I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

They stated that they will launch a full out attack against facebook and that it will bring the social giant down to it’s knees. In my opinion, if Google is looking for a way to get to the top, this is going to be their chance.

The reason Anonymous is going to bring down facebook is because of their not so “private” settings and the current policy that they have in place that prevent’s the users to effectively erase their accounts.

This is something that everyone has had a problem with in the past. – You erase your account for a year, and then click on re-activate and all your settings, post, pictures, and videos are right back to where you left off.

Here is the deal though, Anonymous is all about freedom of information, so this is something strange and out of the ordinary for them, why would they be attacking facebook… a network they use all the time. I personally don’t think they are going to take Facebook down, while some members of Anonymous might be against facebook, this doesn’t seem like something they would worry about.

It seems to me that a whole bunch of hacktivist use anonymous’ reputation as a way to scare companies and raise panic. But even if it doesn’t happen, it’s going to be interesting to see what facebook has to say about this.

via Business Insider and Village Voice