Apple Employees are being Investigated for Impersonating The Police

Well this is embarrassing, if you’ve been keeping up with the news lately, Apple lost another iPhone prototype, and they sent out the police to track it down. They went into a “suspects” home and searched for the precious prototype. At first sight, this doesn’t look wrong. Until the San Francisco PD says It wasn’t them.

As it turns out, the 6 “police officers” that went into Sergio Calderon’s house weren’t police officers at all. They were Apple investigators. However, when they entered into Sergio’s home they identified them selves as being from the San Fransisco Police Department. They searched through Sergio’s home and computers, searching for any information that could lead to the location of the lost iPhone5.

They even asked him if everyone in his home were American Citizens, and since they all are legal US citizens, they told him he was going to be in trouble… okay?  After their search, they left and didn’t say anything about the incident. The actual San Francisco Police Department is currently investigating the incident.

It doesn’t matter how rich you are, you cant go claiming you’re police officers. Looks like very soon there will be a guy walking around with a whole lot of money in his pocket from a settlement.

Via SF Weekly