Smartphone App that Repels Mosquitoes?

Okay… I’m not trying to bash on the developers of this application but come on… seriously? Japan has been coming up with some crazy gadgets, and applications lately.  I highly doubt this “Mosquito Buster” actually repels mosquitoes away.

You can get the app from the android market, it comes with some very big claims, it states that it can effectively keep mosquitoes away from you by sending out a high frequency tone. So really what you have is an app that will waste your battery by constantly sending out a high pitch sound. I’m not sure about you, but last time I check, there are hundreds of devices that work “do not” work under the same principle .

During the middle of this story my wife informed me that she has an app called the “anti mosquito” that also works under the same system. So I decided to give this a try and guess what? I had to go out and buy anti itch cream… those mosquitoes did NOT fly away as described in the application.

There is a very easy way to keep mosquitoes away, use a mosquito repellent, or a tiki torch, or even one of those coils pictured in the app… as far as frequency goes, you wouldn’t even be able to keep dogs away with this Mosquito Buster.

Via Japan Trends