Some Guy Collected all 1,850 PS2 Games

There were 1,850 different Play Station 2 video games created. The Image above, has all 1,850 of them, for some reason this guy collected everyone of them. He decided to not only collect them all, but to keep them sealed, unplayed, and untouched. That’s a little crazy if you ask me, I don’t think I could go a day without wanting to play them all.

Think about all the money this cost him, at an average of $20 per game, he probably spent 37,000 in the collection. I’m guessing having the collection unopened is going to be worth much more in the future, like that guy from 40 year old Virgin and his toys. I understand collections are worth a lot of money, like unopened NES Games, or NES Systems. But, PS2?  I find it very difficult that the PS2 will ever be as Iconic as the Original Nintendo Regardless of how many games you have… I guess we’ll find out what he really has in his hands when a bigger collector comes along for the purchase.

Source: Playstation Collecting via Technabob