Google Trying to get rid of the -“address bar” on their browser

Google has been slimming down their Chrome browsers since the beginning of time, now they are going to push it even more, they are trying to get rid of the address bar all together to offer it’s users a more “full” website experience.

In Chrome 13, you can set your options so all you’ve really got up top are tabs. If you want to see the URL or enter one, you’ve gotta double-click on the tab to make it appear, that seemed perfect. Getting rid of the URL bar altogether is going to be a big problem, how else are you going to know that you are on FaceMook instead of Facebook? welcome phishing scam websites! this is the moment y’all have been waiting for.

But of course they want more screen real estate, the whole thing of getting those extra pixels is going to jeopardize the browser users, but i guess if you are a Google Fan, it’s not going to matter that much since you’ll continue to use it. It’s like facebook and it’s “new version” it comes out with every week, it doesn’t matter if you hate it at first, you’ll get used to it. If you really want to experience a full screen experience just press the F11 tab and it instantly turns your website into a full screen, then just press it again when you’re done viewing the site. Simple enough, and not as permanent. What do you think?