The Largest Treehouse in The World: A Threehouse Mansion

I love treehouses, as a child I wanted to have one but unfortunately it was to “unsafe” and my parents always told me to make my own when I grew older. Years passed by, and then the whole fantasy of the tree house went out the window. As you grow older you begin to scratch off things off your “dream” list that will no longer be achieved, or will no longer be cool.

I, for example, scratched off being an Astronaut when I turned 20 and was still having problems with math formulas. But after seeing the pictures in the gallery below I instantly had my dreams of owning a treehouse come back to a plausible reality. I guess I can start by planing a tree large enough for my mansion… aka… plank of wood.

It turns out the biggest treehouse in the world is located in Crossville, Tennessee. Thousands people drive to see this treehouse each year. This Monstrosity of a house is a staggering 97 feet in the air, it has 10 floors and overĀ  80 rooms. The house has been in the works for over 14 years using nothing but scrap wood that people give him from storage sheds, barns, garages, and other undisclosed places. Horace Burgess, the minister responsible for this creation said that God has never let him run out of material.

At the roof of the house there is even a 5,700 pound chime tower that uses oxygen acetylene bottles as the bells. This home rests above an 80 foot tall oak tree and six other smaller trees to support the mansion. This is an awesome creation, not sure it would stand against the Zombie invasion but It’s still a hell of a home. Heaven forbid termites decide to come along and catch a piece of the action, or worse yet, a fire come swooshing by the area. Via: Bitrebels

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