Is Twitter a Waste of Your Time?

Is Twitter a waste of your time? well, that really depends on what your “time” means. For a company, or a blog, twitter really is a tool to reach a potential 200 million user audience. BUT for social networking with friends, that number is very very low. Facebook has Twitter beat by a LONG run, and now with Google Plus coming into the picture, it might lose it’s ground a little bit more.

For the most part, 1/4 of all Twitter Users have no followers, which is kind of depressing for those 25% of the people, and after a short while they begin to use twitter less and less until they go right back to updating their Facebook status just so they can get a comment, or a like, etc.

For companies and bloggers, twitter has become a tool to grow their connections. When they do get a follower, it’s usually from another blogger or another company rather than an actual user who is waiting to see what they have to say. I’m not saying that twitter has lost it’s importance in the social sphere, because I do know some people who use twitter over Facebook on the regular basis. But, the process of gaining “followers” in twitter is not only a time consuming effort but it’s also a low pay out… generally… it is estimated that every “like” on facebook will translate to $6 dollars, while every “follow” on twitter will translate to $2 dollars.

So, depending on what you are using twitter for, it MAY or MAY NOT be a waste of your time, this info-graphic found on ProBlogger has a couple of numbers so you can make your own decision:  What do you think, is it a waste?

Via: ProBlogger