Spotify is hitting the US of A!!

You know what’s better than music?  Free music!

Spotify; the music service that took Europe by storm which allows you to have free access to music on demand whenever your little heart yearns for it.

Best part?  You can sign up now for a free invite here in the USA!

If you go to spotify.com you’ll be welcomed to the music service homepage with a trumpeter beckoning you to join.

Your waiting is over, you’re a few moments away from signing up to be invited to the best music buffet you can imagine.

So, sign up for the service that Mark Zuckerberg has been quoted as saying is “so good”.

Demi Moore stated “Spotify is genius”.

The Los Angeles Times wrote: “It blows the doors off of anything on the market”.

So, why are you still reading this?  Sign up now.

via Spotify