3D Printer is Able to Replicate Working Tools

Imagine a future where you could print out the tools and equipment required to create just about anything you could imagine? Well, that future has become a reality. Z Corporation, a company out of Denmark, has developed a printer that can print out any type of tool, utensil, or any other part, in a matter of minutes.

The first version of the printer came out in 2003, but Z Corp. has made enough advancements to the printer, that it is efficient enough to sell to the public. The printer will cost you a few thousand dollars, but it’s worth it. You could potentially print out an endless amount of tools or parts, to build your own working gadgets.

This printer actually uses layers of a “secret” powder that is hardened into a tool. The printer detail level is extremely accurate, it can print out tools with detail down to a 40 micron level. Meaning, that your tool can haveĀ  groves, or designs thinner than a human hair, and this printer will copy them without a problem.

This printer offers the ability to print out parts, and tools, necessary to create special products that use parts not currently available in stores. So, you can practically decide to create an Iron Man suit, print out the parts, and put it together. Check out the video at the bottom and see this tool in action.