Game Boy hack records movies in 8bit

Who gets technology now days, yesterday we had a camera clocked at 200 Mega Pixels, 600 Mega Bites per picture. Today we have a camera that records in 8bit.

I used to have one of these before HD Cellphone cameras were cool, and way before this hack was cool, do you guys remember the Game Boy Camera? it’s a cartridge with an eyeball looking thing on the top, all it could do at the time was take still pictures at an amazing 8 bit quality and then you could modify the images by playing around with the “clown option” where you added clown hair to people etc.

Well, a guy modded the camera, his name is “Kraettz” and he added the ability to shoot video in 8bit, which looks pretty cool. His mod is not the best looking mod out there, duct tape holding wires together, cables sticking out of the side etc, but when he wasn’t going for looks, he was going for functionality.

The Game Boy can shoot video at 320 x 240 resolution and using a 9-volt battery you can expect to shoot for about 50 minutes. Also the portable media player can store about 40 GB of film, and that is equal to several hours of film.

I can gurrantee you that the iPhone or the Droid is going to have something similar to this in a few weeks, so before you go out and buy a new Game Boy Advance to try this your self, just wait for the app to come out.

Anyways, check out the video of kraettz when he took his “new” old-school camcorder to the slopes in the video below.

Via: OhGizmo!