X-Wing Fighter Soap Box Derby Car

Over the years soapbox derby car designs have been turning some heads thanks to their creativity, every year they become more extravagant and “aerodynamic” after all, these little cars have no engines, and they work solely on gravity and a small incline to propel them to the finish line.

The Papier Boy designed an amazing car, it’s in the shape of an X-Wing Fighter, and it comes equipped with more than just the turbo rockets, they don’t work but still really cool, it has a rotatable R2D2 that is controlled by a NES controller next to the steering wheel. The car was built for the 2011 Nazareth Adult Soapbox Derby, and this X-Wing Fighter is definitely one of of the top competitors. Now I’m not sure how fast this car is going to be, the main design for the cars are usually a stream lined egg shaped pod looking thing so it has less drag than everyone else’s pod. I’m sure the engine and the design in general will make it a bit challenging, but aside from that, this car can definitely win the aesthetic design category.

According to Papier Boy his soapbox car was going to have wings that open up and closed down but due to time and budget restraints that’s not going to happen, maybe next year. It did however have enough time to include a sound track with special effects that way when the car is swooshing past it’s competitors, they can hear how awesome it feels to be beaten by an X-Wing Fighter.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the design, is that the entire body cost $75 dollars to make, not bad at all when you try to compare Price with Awesomeness. Check out the step by step Instructables so you can make one of these in your next Derby Race.