“Green” NASCAR Track is Using Sheep to Mow their Lawn

I’ve had this idea for quite some time now, get a couple of sheep, have them get fat off my yard, and then have one of them for breakfast… okay maybe not the breakfast part, but definitely the mowing the lawn for me.  Infineon Raceway took that Idea and made it way better by going as green as possible.

For years now Raceways and Racetracks have had a couple of environmental concerns, so much in fact that Infineon Raceway decided to do something environmentally friendly and began to turn their facility into a green facility. For starters they have a program to start recycling everything and anything that gets into the track, you think it, they recycle it. Then they started to plant some green trees around the property… both of those moves are a good start.

But then, they added my wacky idea, they got a herd of 3,000 sheep to trim the infield grass, these sheep are going around the entire track eating away at the grass, effectively saving them a good thousand dollars or more on people who would normally mow the lawn for them, wasting gas, hurting the environment, etc. I wonder if these sheep fall into the equation of being “recycled?”

Additionally, they installed a 1,700 solar array that powers over 41 percent of the circuits electrical needs. Even the massive LED screen that they use to advertise future races and events has been turned into a solar powered LED version.

Heck! even the pace scar has been changed, is now a Toyota Camry Hybrid… They hope that this move will pick up other raceway owners who also want to make a change in the environment. Now all they need to do is host races for electric vehicles, or even hybrid vehicles and we’ll be set.

Infineon Raceway, via Dvice