How to Automatically Re-Post Old Twitter Updates

We all know that Twitter is an amazing tool to get your message across to a large audience, we also know that most people are on twitter for a brief moment, this means that if your tweet doesn’t go out at the perfect time, no one will be able to see it.

Unfortunately, while we try to post all of our updates as soon as they come out, we have other things to do and our tweets get unnoticed. Another problem is that when we update a status, we tend to forget about the status for the rest of it’s existence.

That is where “Tweet Old Posts” comes into the picture, tweet old post actually takes your previous twitter updates and re-tweets the tweets for you.  The only problem is that this doesn’t really work for all sites, for example, if you are using this for a “news” blog, you really can’t re-post a news story since that becomes a thing of the past.

But if you have a blog about tips, and tutorials, then you can actually find this tool very helpful. So make sure that you have the right kind of Blog if you are going to use this tool, it can potentially become a double edge sword. Your readers could become annoyed with your re posting of stories, specially if they have already read them once or twice.