Three Hackers Connected to PSN Hack arrested in Spain

By now everyone across the world knows what the Sony Hack is, or at least they felt the pain when the network went down. I know there are more than one “Sony Hacks”, I’m talking about the first initial hack that knocked down the network for nearly a month. But who was behind the attack? that’s a question that many blame on Anonymous. And I’m sure you’ve heard of Anonymous by now, the hack group that attacks large corporations’ websites.  Well, the Spanish police say they have at least three of the hackers responsible for the attacks and they tagged them as Anonymous. They came into the map when they started defending WikiLeaks and attacking Scientology, as well as Major Credit card corporations.

Anonymous has denied attacking Sony, but since they really don’t have an “organized” group the person that released the news of “we didn’t do it and nothing to do with it” couldn’t say for sure if anyone from anonymous had anything to do with the attack. I for once, don’t think they attacked Sony, had that been the case they would of left user information in tact. Anonymous is more of a “against the corporation” group than anything else, they attack major companies and really don’t have any ‘beef’ with users, or clients. So they don’t steal your information they just make it difficult for the power hungry companies.

The Spanish police arrested the three Hacktivist in Almeria, Barcelona and Alicante, three completely different cities in Spain. The police say that the hackers were using a server in Gijon out in the northern area of the country. Now the police just randomly assume that every hacker is “Anonymous” so they went ahead and tagged these three as one part of the group.

Reuters Stated:

Spanish police alleged the three arrested “hacktivists” had been involved in the recent attack on Sony’s PlayStation online gaming store which crippled the service for over a month, as well as cyber-attacks on Spanish banks BBVA and Bankia and the Italian energy group Enel.

This is going to be the first time that ‘possible’ Anonymous members will face any type of charge in Spain, usually the main people that press charges against Anonymous are the US and Britain, the police said that this case is still open, so they could be looking for additional accomplices.  Cyberwarfare scares the living daylights out of law enforcement officials because of the ability of hackers to actually do physical damage to a city. Which would land under “physical” warfare more than anything, imagine an intersection with all green lights? that’s an insurance companie’s nightmare right there.

Via Reuters