Infographic Of The Day: PC People v/s Mac People – where do you fit in?

The ongoing debate of Mac v/s PC doesn’t seem like is going to end anytime soon, a Profile of a Self-Described Mac Person vs. PC Person is an infographic that we found online that pretty much summed the article up for us. It’s based on 388,315 survey people from Hunch.com, the infograph pretty much covers everything from how often they throw parties, to a specific taste in art, down to what kind of car/motorcycle they would drive/ride…

The only flaw in the Infograph is that the people who took the survey were not screened, meaning that for all we know, all of the people that took the survey just randomly happened to be PC users, so while it is a representation of the population, it’s not a 100% accurate statistical data.

The Results are still a very cool and funny “popular” belief of these two worlds.