Photoshop CS6 Lets You Move Objects Around an Image

Photoshop can be a pain in the rear for the average user. Experts can modify a picture into anything that they want, but they learn the secret tricks by working on photos all day long. But an average user may never get the experience necessary to create or modify intricate designs by modifying one or two pictures a month. And that’s the beauty about photoshop,  every new product they release comes with tools that give the average user the ability to make professional touches without the hassle.

One of the features that in “awe” about comes installed with the new CS6.  This feature literally gives you the ability to move images around without having to cut and paste. The feature is called – Content-Ware Fill – and is basically a tool that lets you clone and move anything on an image. This feature basically “thinks” about what is located behind an image and then it replicates it. In real life, if you take a picture of a person standing infront of a box, you are aware of the box behind the person. Likewise, if you were to remove the person from in front of the box, you have a pretty good idea of how the image should look like once the person is removed. Content-ware has the ability to do the same. You may not get exact detail and pattern, but the technology is pretty amazing and really gets the job done.

Content-Ware, if used with other tools, can be an amazing tool for both novice and expert users alike. The video listed above is a small taste of what CS6 can do. Adobe also released a new function called the “Background Save” it allows you to save your work and continue to work on other projects while the image is being saved in the background.

Another awesome tool they have is the ability to add Dashed and Dotted lines directly into an image, I know it’s not anything that’s to big, but for the most part adding a dotted line around an image border was difficult in previous photoshop versions. I really can’t wait to get my hand on this new and improved version, it looks like it’s going to be awesome!