Flashdrive GPS tracking device

Ever wanted to see exactly where your spouse goes during the day when he says that he is going to work or have you ever just wanted to feel like Bond, James Bond, and add a little excitement to your life? Well here is the perfect device for you.

This must be one of the coolest spy gadgets ever reported.  It’s a cross between a flashdrive and a GPS receiver and what it does is store wherever it goes onto the “flashdrive”.

The GPS tracker is pretty small and can be hidden almost anywhere. As the tracker is being carried around it stores all of the locations onto the flashdrive. After you retrieve the device, you can then download the information to your computer by plugging it into a USB drive. The data can then be plotted onto Google Earth or Mapquest and show you exactly where it was, when it was there, how long it was there, and how it got there.

Originally this gadget was sold by Think Geek, however for some reason or another they discontinued the sale of this awesome little thing, now you can find them at Amazon

Full feature list:

  • Records time, date, location, speed, direction and altitude
  • Works with Google Earth, Mapquest, maps.google.com, Virtual Earth
  • Location points are downloaded into its software and then mapped
  • Battery duration is 5 to 7 days of typical operation with 4,000 records
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)

Via: Coolest Gadgets