An Asteroid Came Very, VERY Close to the Earth Earlier Today

Were you looking at the sky earlier this afternoon? If you were, did you see anything special in the sky? well… there was an asteroid that came REALLY REALLY Close to hitting the Earth,  how close am I talking about? Close enough that it came between the Earth and our Satellite’s orbit.

The image above is a picture of the asteroid as it swooshed by, pretty cool uh?

Luckily for us, scientist tracked the asteroid for a long while and knew the rock wasn’t going to hit the Earth. Everyone kept their cool, primarily because even if the asteroid would of come in closer to the earth, it probably would of burned up anyways. But come on, how about a warning next time?

Additionally, I feel like scientist could use this asteroid to practice techniques on altering the path of the asteroids, or sending out a nuclear bomb to see if we can even move it a bit… you know just in case we ever really need to do this on the real deal. I know, I know, it’s something we can’t achieve just yet, but we need to start somewhere. Like our bodies using germs to practice and get better antibodies, one of these day’s were going to be staring at a rock the size of Manhattan rushing towards our planet, and we’ll have nothing to stop it but a couple of oil miners and Bruce Willis to throw at it.

Discovery via Slashdot