ZMP – Robot Car drives it self by creating a map of it’s own

This little car is actually very cool, Google has a car that can take you around California without a driver already but the only problem is that the vehicle is still under the development stages, primarily because it relies on Google Maps to make sure the vehicle is driving in the proper lane, and proper route.

The ZMP Robot car, an extremely modified version of a golf cart, can take you around places at a neck breaking tire squealing golf cart speeds. The vehicle’s system works by using a driver to take it around a property, the vehicle has a radar, and visual sensors around the upper part of the cart that map out the area and it’s surroundings and from that, it creates a visual map and stores it into a computer. After a few minutes of driving around the entire property, the vehicle remembers where to go and can be left to drive alone around curves, roundabouts, fountains, trees, etc. Kind of like the cars of the Movie Jurassic Park, minus the whole dinosaurs and weird looking robot driver.

Only problem is that you have to drive the cart the first time, so I guess if you have a direct route to work every day, you can benefit from this, if there is no traffic that is, but even then, if you crash is not like you’ll be going past 10 MPH.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81I0RRGt7uo]

Via: E-Nuvo