Darpa’s XC2V is Finally Complete

A couple of months ago Darpa made an announcement that it was looking for ideas to recreate the Humvee, they held a competition and a winner was selected 15 weeks ago. The vehicle needed to quickly get soldiers out of the front lines. The picture above is what they came up with, to be honestly serious, the color is not exactly what we had in mind but it matches the desert so it I guess it works.

The vehicle is called the XC2V FLYMode is one heck of a car. The vehicle is known by many the Experimental Crowd Derived Combat Support Vehicle. It has 3 roof doors to allow the passengers to use weapons while rushing through a battle scene, rear facing windows, 4×4 capabilities, and enough shocks to cruise at top speed through the desert terrain.

The vehicle was tricked out by Local Motors in under 14 weeks. Don’t expect to see the XC2V running around the battlefield just yet, since the vehicle is still under “review.” You can however, see the XC take shape in the video below.