E-Mail Scam from: sarah@article-writing-services

Well this is an interesting little e-mail I got today from a woman named Sarah Miller. As soon as I received it I began to question it asap, sorry Sarah, but being in the internet for over 4 years and receiving invitations to save the king of Nigeria, or getting a “please help me!!! I’ll give you 12 Million dollars if you help me get out of my country”…. it kind of makes you aware of silly e-mails that just randomly come in out of no where.

The e-mail I received today reads:

Dear ruben,
My name is Sarah from Article Writing Services. We have a client who would like to pay you for the opportunity to post some of their content on your website. All of the content is professionally produced and you can select from pieces relevant to your audience.

The result is you get some free, interesting content for your readers while getting paid. In return our client is asking for one link that they specify at the bottom of the content (no porn or gambling). Feel free to contact me with any concerns or clarifications you may have.

If you would like to see some examples of our content, please email me at sarah@article-writing-services.org so we can begin.


Sarah Miller
Outreach Manager – Article Writing Services

So at first glance I thought, This is pretty interesting, I’ve definitely never seen anything like this before and it could be an easy way to add some blog writers for free. But then my years of experience as a Private Investigator began to kick in, plus my “joking” around with Nigerian scammers and over seas scam artists who try to convince me that I won the lottery in England and just wanted me to send them $500 Dollars for transfer fees, really began to pay out.

The first thing I did was instantly Google Article Writing Services and I came across their website, a site that lacks the “professionalism” that Sarah Miller claims to have in her e-mail to me.
I then began to look for the “e-mail” and I came across several sites who have received the same e-mail as I did. One of them is a girl that goes by “Goofy Girl” Her e-mail was exactly like mine, except that it read

Dear Mrs. Goofy Girl And then it hit me, this wasn’t a human generated e-mail, even though it feels so personalized and it felt as it was directed directly towards me, it’s an automatic generated e-mail, it even forgot to Capitalized the R in my name in “ruben” well… Mrs. Sarah Miller, if you are going to write “professional” articles in our blog, you need to make sure you dot your I’s and cross your T’s otherwise you will look un-legitimate.

The article they write to you will be something like an article “link farm” meaning that if they wrote an article about I am Legend it will look something like this- (the links are fake so they don’t lead to anywhere this is just an example of what I think the article will look like)

I’am Legend, an amazing movie about zombies, this movie portrays a scientist trying to find a cure to a virus that he helped create. etc, etc, etc.

I was really interested in trying to figure out how the article was going to look, but unfortunately I have yet to receive another e-mail from Sarah since her initial contact even though I have responded with a very sincere: ” I would love to!!!” Maybe I forgot to add my signature line? But now it makes me wonder, how many of you guys have received the e-mail?