Three Valuable tips on How to be successful on Twitter

You know a lot of people have been asking “how do you become successful using twitter” or “how do you get articles so popular on different sites” even the classic “how do you go ‘viral’ on the internet” and really there is no real specific answer to all of that. It takes a little bit of luck, an a whole bunch of “know how”

People who have had twitter for years and only get 20 or 30 followers get frustrated at the fact that no one is really seeing what they are doing online, or they don’t have any –Tweets- being re-tweeted. The main reason is not because of “unpopularity” (although that does have something to do with it) but it’s more the reason is because of how they write their tweets and how they communicate with everyone else.

The first thing you need to answer is, “what is this tweet going to accomplish?”  then, make it interesting. 

When you tweet – (@tekbull, Volkswagen is coming out with a new car!) – I really don’t know what in the world you are talking about, of course VW has new cars, they make them every day, I then completely ignore what the heck you are tweeting about. You have to give specifics about what you are talking about.

Now if you tweet –(@tekbull, It’s unbelievable that even in this economy Volkswagen is coming out with new car designs (link)-

It makes me want to click on your links, and if I find it amazing I then retweet your tweet so all my other followers see that VW is a gutsy car company.

The second thing is take advantage of your tools! 

The @ symbol and the # are amazing tools that can get you more noticed, faster, and easier. When you use the @ symbol to communicate with a specific person, that person will be able to see “hey someone is trying to get a hold of my attention” if you followed the first rule, and you did a good job, you got my attention. And if it’s good enough, I’ll try to get the next person’s attention, etc.

If you use the # symbol, you are targeting a large audience, and you need to make sure that you really follow step #1 on this one, otherwise your tweet will be disregarded as just another bulk maker.

When you post links, Hash Tags, @ symbols, in your tweets, you get the attention of a lot of people, that’s your foot in the door, you just have to be prepared to tweet it open, before they tweet you out.

Let people know who you are! 

Okay this goes without saying, YOU NEED TO LET EVERYONE KNOW WHO YOU ARE, I don’t know who “EvilNickel” is personally, and unless I’m searching for Evilnickel, I will not be able to find him. However, if he filled his information up, Real Name, Real E-mail, City, State, Age etc. We can find him even if we’re not looking for him. Just the mere act of searching for someone in Texas at least gives him the chance to be spotted.

Overall, these are just 3 simple tips as to what you can do to be noticed in Twitter, which can be very profitable, the more “followers” you get the more value you have to a company.You need to also have valuable information to supply to your followers, no one wants to know that your walls are green (maybe your friends and family, but not businesses) however, people want to know that you painted your walls using a specific tool, or a specific pattern.