Super powerful computer stuffed in a desk

We like to think we have a great computer setup over at the Tek-Bull Headquarters, but nothing compares to Peter, a guy from the Netherlands. He practically shoved his entire computer directly into a desk. He called his “desk” the L3P D3SK and it looks great, aside from having a computer inside a glass desk, he also has black lights and LED’s that light up the interior of the desk.

You may not see it through the windows, but if you looked within the litted desk, you’ll find 10TB of storage a Core i7 processor overclocked at 4.5GHz+. Running on Windows of course!

The main problem would be Noise, but Peter seemed to have thought about it all, his set up is extremely quite thanks to its water-cooled system and 17 fans.

Peter even tossed in a three-monitor set-up just in case a 30″ display isn’t good enough.Talk about a moving hassle, you’ll need a moving van to make sure that thing doesn’t get damaged. If you want to buy one of these you’re practically out of luck, Peter only made one and he’s not going to sell it, and since it took him nearly 7 months to make you are not going to convince him to make you one either, so go out and get your handy tools and start building.

Source: Tweakers, via Dvice, Lifehacker