Sony Working hard to bring you the Playstation 4

Every few years or so our current Video Game systems reach their end. In this case, Play Station 3 is approaching it’s life cycle within the next couple of years. Sony is already announcing and planning the release of it’s next generation console.

This “rumor” has been circulating around the blogsphere for some time so it feels good to actually have the official news from a Sony Rep .

On a Recent earnings call, Sony CFO Masaru Kato said,

For the home equipment the PS3 still has a product life, but this is a platform business, so for the future platform – when we’ll be introducing what product I cannot discuss that – but our development work is already under way, so the costs are incurred there.

So it finally looks like Sony is trying to get their PS4 ready for the near future. E3 is coming up in about a month so if we’re lucky we’ll be able to have more details about what is going on with the system, as far as seeing a working prototype during the E3 convention … I don’t think it’s going to happen but you never know. If Sony follows it’s 10 year life cycle, the PS3 is probably dying off in 2016 so the PS4 should be ready around that time, I guess we have 5 more years to go.

Sony had a multi-billion dollar loss with the whole security breach earlier in the month so it’s hard to see how they are going to pull this off but I’m sure they have something up their sleeves, Sony is one of those companies that is to big to fail.