Here is what the FBI GPS Tracker looks like when it’s cracked open.

Do you guy’s remember last year when a Redditor found a black pipe device under his vehicle that belonged to the FBI?  Well this is the usually FBI’s favorite stealth GPS tracking device. The people over at iFixit were able to open up the Tracker and got a look inside it’s internal workings.

Now before you get all excited, iFixit had a hard time getting inside the small pipe like tracker, they said that “the screws were coated with so much threadlocker that we had to break out the power drill and eliminate the screw heads.” It comes to show how bad the FBI didn’t want anyone to be snooping around the inside of their toy.

So now comes the good stuff… or so we thought, the actual device was just a simple GPS Module and it used a radio transmitter for sending coordinates back to the FBI, it also had several large batteries to keep the device alive. The batteries were made out of Lithium-thionyl chloride, which have the ability to provide energy for 20 years. So when it comes to technology it wasn’t that advanced since the GPS unit was made in 1999, but when it comes to rugged design, this bad boy is able to work for decades.

via: iFixit