Air Force camera can identify and track you from miles away!

Yea we have facial recognition on our cellphones, and the Brazilians are using facial recognition on their glasses, but the Air Force has something even better up their sleeves.It has a camera that can identify and track possible terrorist or bad guys from miles away. Photon-X Inc. has a sensor that combines spacial measurements, you know that gap between your eyes, or the width of your nostrils, or ear to ear, etc. Infrared and visible light, to create a “bio-signature”  that maps your entire facial features including Muscle movements that are unique to each person.

Not to bad, only problem is that in order to identify who I am, is to have me measured up already, so you will have to know a bit of detail about a person before this camera can work. I guess a picture works but I’m still having trouble figuring out how the muscle images will work. Aside from military uses, banks, law enforcement, private security firms, can use the cameras to monitor customers or monitor drivers for “criminals”

It is unclear as to how far of a range the cameras have but it’s really cool, lets hope that someone can figure something out soon, these cameras will be great in the future, no more having to second guess your self (if you are a police officer) regarding a criminal you pull over.

Via: Wired