Electronic Jacket imitates a Hug for lonely People

How easy is it for you to go out and get a random hug from a complete stranger when you are feeling low? If you are anything like the millions of other people who are to unpopular to get a hug from people, then you need this jacket which allows you to hug a dummy and make you feel like you are receiving a hug right back.

The Jacket is called the Sense-Roid Jacket and it was developed by a team from the University of Electro Communications out of Japan. It uses a Dummy that has been outfitted with sensors that detect Pressure, in return it sends out a signal with matching information back to the jacket. The Jacket then uses pneumatic muscles to duplicate the exact same sensation on your jacket.¬†They also have “stroking” and “petting” motions… just in case you want to be petted…

While the whole concept is a little icky and probably makes you feel like you are to much of a loser, it’s worth watching the video just to see one of the creators trying to hug himself just to prove how easy it is to make you happy again.

Check out the video below.

Via: Dvice