Volkswagen’s Future Aqua Hovercraft Design

Volkswagen, always coming up with their new concept designs, this time they want to bring the Hovercraft back. Since you hardly ever hear about them, you really don’t know how awesome they really are. We see them on the Military Channel or on an old Jackie Chan’s movie, but for the most part, they look big and clunky.

The New design makes them very attractive, it was designed by Yuhan Zhang, a 21 year old designer that made the Volkswagen Agua Hovercraft, it uses four electric motor fans that provide lift and thrust to allow it to travel via any terrain. The vehicle is powered by a hydrogen cell engine.

This new hovercraft is not going to be pushing tanks onto a beach, and is probably not going to carry 50 soldiers on it’s back, but it can take you and a date on a one of a kind trip. Not so sure as to how it would slow down. One of the main problems with hovercrafts is the fact that since they are floating on a thin layer of air, controlling them is extremely difficult. Regardless, the new design looks sweet!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WG4GSeoBCek]