How fast is the internet at Google? – and the rest of the world.

I found an interesting website the other day called Speedtest.net, it’s supposed to test how fast your internet connection is, and I was clocked in at a very respectable 18.23 Mbps Download, and 9.56 Mbps upload. Not bad at all, but then I started to do my research to see how fast other companies were. One of the main ones that I was interested was the all so mighty Google Giant, and comes to find out their speed is actually WAY better than mine, and probably yours. they have a better connection than 99% of most of the people in the USA. Check out their results to the right.

If you live in the European countries the “high end” average is about 12 Mbps, here in the USA the High End average is about 10 Mbps last time that I checked, this is still un-comperable to that of the Google-plex. It’s surprising that they got a 3.5 stars out of 5… which means there is a better connection out there.

After a couple of  searches I found it, a 75 year old woman from Karlstad, it’s out int he middle of Switzerland, this woman has an impressive 40 GIGABITS per second, that makes Google seem like dial up in compare to her. Her name is Sigbritt Lothberg’s, whats more interesting is that the woman never even had a computer until now, which means she’s not even taking full advantage of the computer… I wish I was her neighbor and had access to her router.

The secret behind Sigbritt’s ultra-fast connection is a new modulation technique which allows data to be transferred directly between two routers up to 2,000 kilometers apart, with no intermediary transponders.  The best thing about it is that it can be made fairly cheaply, so maybe in the future we can have a better connection to play the games, imagine immediately downloading a full length movie from Netflix (or other legal services) in less than a second?

I then began to look for the countries with the fastest average connection speed is, I’m not talking about high end connections, just average like the ones you get for $9.99 a month. so here is the list starting from slowest to fastest thanks to the Hoffpost. Now you have to also keep in mind, this is taking into consideration areas of the country that have no internet, for example Alaska for the US has an average speed of 256 Kbps, so they slow us down… darn you Alaska! we could of been #11!! The picture to the right shows you how this is calculated.

19) France, 3.36 Mbps
18) Australia, 3.76 Mbps/second
17) United Kingdom, 3.93 Mbps
16) Portugal, 3.93 Mbps
15) Taiwan, 4.08 Mbps
14) Germany, 4.14 Mbps
13) Hungary, 4.45 Mbps
12) The United States, 4.60 Mbps
11) Canada 4.73 Mbps
10) Switzerland 5.08 Mbps
9) Denmark, 5.18 Mbps
8 ) Belgium 5.26 Mbps
7) Czech Republic 5.32 Mbps
6) Sweden, 5.50 Mbps
5) Netherlands, 6.50 Mbps
4) Romania, 6.80
3) Japan, 8.03
2) Hong Kong, 8.57 Mbps
1)  South Korea, 16.63 Mbps

Not to bad, it’s still kind of sad that we got #12 out of the list. South Korea completely blowing everyone out of the water. But still faster than Zambia, who got last place with an average of 254 Kbps. That’s just 4 dial up connections going off at once… I’m glad I live here and not there that would take me 30 minutes to watch a 3 minute video on Youtube (yes I just pulled timing number out of the head, so don’t quote me)

Now the state with the slowest connection in the United States is Alaska at an average of less than 256 Kbps, Puerto Rico has a “high end” speed of 1.04 Mbps, while the state with the fastest is Delaware with a blasting average of 11.36 Mbps. based on 2011 results.

Now that I see everyone else’s connections and speed, I don’t feel so bad for the speed I’m getting, So take that Google!!!, I’m just as fast as you when you compare me to Zambia!