Samsung’s ultra thin 11.6 inch 9 series Laptop,

Up to about right now, the only Laptop capable of competing against Apple’s MacAir was… well they really didn’t have anyone to compete against them until Samsung came out with the Ultra Thin 11.6 inch 9 Series.

The computer comes with an okay 64 Gig hard drive, nothing to fancy but definitely big enough for the thickness of the laptop, the actual laptop has a very nice design around the entire outer shell made out of duraluminum, and the curves would make any woman jealous. The Laptop is valued at $1,199 here are the full Features for this bad boy. Need more? go to Samsung.com

Duralumin, the New Definition of Lightweight The Series 9 is designed with mobility in mind, thanks to dramatic duralumin enclosure complete with arching curves and remarkable durability. Duralumin is twice the strength of aluminum, despite being light in weight. Elegant from every angle, the Series 9 also includes backlit keyboard, brilliant LCD display screen and a large multi-touch clickpad. It’s a minimalist look that is both simple and sophisticated.

See Vivid Content, Wherever You Go

If you live for the latest HD movies and games, then Samsung’s SuperBright screens, with 400nit* brightness, will transform your mobile experience. You can enjoy HD movies, games and other favorite media even when viewing in direct sunlight with no annoying reflections. *340 nits on 11” model

Powerful Processing With the new state-of-the-art Intel® Core™ i5 Processor you get optimized power management when you are playing the latest 3D games, editing and compressing large-size photos or HD video, or multi-tasking. It has Turbo Boost Technology which accelerates your PC’s performance by intuitively allocating CPU processing power when you need it the most.

64GB Solid State Drive

You’ll have room to bring it all with you with the 64GB drive. A solid state drive (SSD) provides plenty of storage, and with no moving parts it boots up 60% faster than a hard disk drive (HDD). You’ll get less power usage, faster data access and higher reliability

Power Back up in 3 Seconds with Fast Start You no longer have to shut down your Samsung computer, just close its lid and it goes into a special powerless sleep mode. When you open the lid your computer comes back to life in 3 seconds and you are exactly at the same place as when you shut the lid. Fast Start saves your data and system configurations to your hard drive and PC memory. So, when you power it back on it is just like you left it.


Longer Battery Life and Life Span

Longer Battery Life and Life Span The Series 9 delivers mobility and freedom with its power efficient performance and extensive battery life of up to 7 hours. Its advanced Lithium-Polymer battery and Samsung’s innovation PowerPlus charging technology make the battery lifespan last up to three times longer than the typical notebook battery so you can keep going, without worrying how much battery life is left.

Intuitive Navigation Intuitive Navigation Samsung’s new multi-touch SuperButton clickpad is stylish, user-friendly and convenient. It features a glass coating and image sensor which means no more cursors disappearing or jumping around on the screen. This intelligent multi-touch gesture pad, which is located in the center of the palm rest , features 21 types of gesture support such as pinch, swipe, and rotate, and also has advanced 3D image sensing for intuitive navigation.

Learn more about this Laptop at Samsung’s Website