What Computer System Does God Use? – Floating Error Message Sign

Have you ever seen the large LED display advertisements found on the side of the road? they’re supposed to be better because they are cheaper, easier to control, and can display more than one ad at the same time.  Odessa, Ukraine has a couple of them near on their highways and one of them crashed in the middle of a foggy night. The floating digital board displayed an error message all night long.

The messages have a small camera in the front of the signs to keep up with what kind of advertisement is being displayed, when there is an error, the ad company should get the notification on their computer and they should be able to fix it – that is unless the computer with the camera crashes down.

For what ever reason the Ad Company didn’t get the notification, and for the citizens of Odessa, Ukraine, heaven’s computer crashed, maybe Steve should introduce them to Apple?! … to early for that joke? [via BoingBoing]