Pay per Mile, or Per Gallon?

Well, the CBO acronym for – The Congressional Budget Office taxes vehicles via the gas pumps by taxing gas companies for selling gas. Well, this works great and all, but, since the new addition of the Electrical Cars and more efficient HyBrid vehicles, the CBO has been taking a pretty big hit at their Revenue brought in by Gas Taxes. So they are trying to propose the Tax Per Mile charge.

This means that the longer you drive, and depending on what times of the day you drive, the higher your taxes will be. So if you drive during rush hour for example, your taxes will be higher than if you drive at night. According to the CBO the more you drive, the more wear and tear you give the highways, the more liability you are for other motorist, and the higher chance you may be getting into an accident (which in turns takes time away from cops/hospitals) so for all of this they want to track down your vehicle’s movement and every time you pull near a Gas Station your vehicle will upload the information to their server and bill based on your mileage.

Dont get all worked up yet, the actual change may take years to implement since they have to start adding the tracking meters into the new vehicles that come out of the assembly. Upgrading all of the vehicles right now would cost to much, so far the only states that are really trying to jump on board are Oregon, and Washington, but they are only wanting to tax “Plug In Vehicles” and not regular gas guzzling trucks/cars. So I guess for the time being, were okay.

Just food for the thought in case you get hit with the tax in the future, don’t say you weren’t notified about it!

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