Check Out This Tree Top RC Plane Helicopter Rescue!

I tried to get into the whole RC Plane and toy helicopter craze when it first came out a about 10 years ago, but money got in the way, parents didn’t want to get involved, and it was one of the biggest disappointments in my life – right behind dropping a jelly covered sandwich face down on my laptop.

Regardless of horrible my parents were at not spoiling me like everyone else, this never made me stop loving helicopters and RC Planes, as a matter of fact, I’ve been looking at getting a helicopter license. Sure, they are complicated, slow, and once you’re going down, you’re practically SOL – you can either die with the chopper, or jump out and hope that the blades don’t rip you a new one. They do have one advantage though, they can hold still, which comes in handy if an expensive R/C P-51 Mustang gets stuck above a tree. Which is exactly what happened in the video posted above. I’m not sure how “legal” this is, or if they have to ask for permission to land in the middle of a back yard, but the pilot and his instructor decided to go down and rescue the plane from the tree tops.

The face and excitement on the people’s faces is amazing, the pilots get a little too exited though and start to throw out some cusswords, but that’s to be expected when you literally flew a helicopter and semi-landed it above some trees to rescue a small toy plane. This could have gone two ways, I’m glad it went the “awesome a helicopter rescued my RC Plane!” and not the “WTF was that pilot thinking landing above the trees to rescue an RC Plane worth a couple hundred bucks!?” Via: Reddit

Foam Ball That Allows you to Play Bowling with your iPhone

At first look I thought, why would anyone want to carry an iPhone in a 1960’s football helmet? And unless you’re extremely clumsy with your items, this over the top extra secure smartphone case is just what you need. It has several inches of padding, it’s large enough that you won’t lose it in between the couch cracks, it looks like a ball so if you DO drop it, it won’t get run over by cars, and lastly, who in their right minds would want to steal a ball?

Well, as it turns out, this is actually an “appcessory” intended for interactive games like bowling or hot potato. The ball is just … a ball made out of foam. There is nothing really special about it. The ball has a cutout for your iPhone, iPod, or Android to fit inside to where it won’t fall out.

This ball is supposed to make games a bit more realistic, like bowling, instead of throwing the ball and swiping your fingers across the screen to make the ball move, you simply roll the ball in one direction and the accelerometer takes care of the rests by translating the motion of the ball into the actual game.

The video above shows people having fun playing all different types of games; they even have a party where the main attraction is the bowling app. If you really want one you’ll have to wait on the pricing or availability, since it was just revealed at Toy Fair, the details are still in the dark. TheO via Chip Chick

The Ultimate Geek Test: Name the 425 Game Characters

So do you consider yourself to be a geek? Maybe you even think that you are the pinnacle of the word geek, and you flaunt your geekiness by calling yourself the ultimate uber geek. Well, before you go around making a fool out of yourself in front of someone more geeky then you, I suggest you take the necessary precautions and put your geekiness to the test. It’s not such a big deal after all, is it?

Battlefield 3 criticized by PETA over “animal cruelty”

You see the image to the left? that’s actually a soldier killing a virtual rat with his battle knife right before he picks up the rat by the tail and throws it away. Guess who is extremely interested in that image? You guessed it, PETA, they issued a press release in Germany criticizing Battlefield 3 over “animal cruelty.” After reading the News Release and watching the video I posted above from Pen and Teller, I start to lose faith in PETA every day.

PETA stated that the killing of any animal, even virtual animals, insipre young people to do similar acts. According to them, recent animal cruelty cases in Germany were caused by youngsters who were inspired by video games and movies. I don’t know about you, but when I stab the rats coming at me in my video games, I’ve never had the sudden urge to stab a rat. It’s to messy, I’d much rather put out a trap or call the exterminator… cleaner and it’s supper effective!

The following is what PETA had to say in their press release:

The realistic computer game “Battlefield 3″ treats animals in a sadistic manner. The game gives players the option to kill a rat with a combat knife in the back in order to then lift it by its tail, then toss it away. Killing virtual animals can have a brutalizing effect on the young male target audience. There have been repeated cases of animal cruelty in Germany, where young people kill animals. Inspiration behind these acts often came from movies and computer games.

Another thing that you need to really think about is that even if these people were getting the “ideas” and their “inspiration” to hurt the animals from movies and video games, it doesnt mean that the videos are the ones that are causing them to go and do it. The only way I can put this is, if I see people using drugs, I’m not going to have the urge and go and try it… I don’t care how videos of drug users I see, drug use is not something I’m interested in. A person who is a little “curious” might see it and go and do it, but they already had it in their head… videos or not, they already wanted to do it – Hope you can see where I’m coming from.

The news about PETA attacking BF3 reached several blogs and even social sites like Reddit. One of the users, DrGonzo1203, had this to say about the whole release, and I’m going to have to agree with him:

“they think you have the “option” to kill the rat? If you don’t, it gets you killed every fucking time. Not a lot of optional behind that.

Of course they have no problems with you brutally stabbing and shooting hundreds of PEOPLE throughout the game, but when you defend yourself from an attacking sewer rat, thats when shit gets real. It should be noted if you haven’t played the game (Like PETA), that the player character makes several attempts to shoo the animal away before it bites him a few times, and finally gets stabbed.

They seem to focus on the “tossing away” aspect…would they rather the PC eat it? Take a break from killing people to give it a little funeral? Keep it as a trophy?”

You can find the full PETA statement, in German, here You may have to translate it, but it’s worth the time.

Steven Spielberg-backed Halo movie back on, hits theaters in 2012

If you are a Halo fan, then you can rejoice…again…for the umpteenth time. The Halo movie is set to be released on theaters in 2012 thanks to Steven Spieldberg’s Dreamworks. The news came with a single release on a fresh site and translated by HBO. If this is actually true, this means that the movie should hit theaters in 2012.

Details about who is going to be directing the movie is still up in the clouds. In the past we had Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp onboard, then they threw the film down the drain. Hopefully, the movie will stay on track and we get to see it on theaters. The video above is a short from 2007 called Halo 3: Landfall which was put together by Neill Blomkamp a couple of years ago. It’s a mix between the three shorts – which is just a 9 minute teaser if you are a fan of the Halo Universe. I’ve seen some great fan made costumes, I can’t wait to see what they come up with! and NeoGAF, via VG247

Disgruntled gamers sending SWAT teams to bug Xbox’s Staff

Imagine sitting at home with your wife and children enjoying the perfect dinner that you have been working on for the past two hours. Then you hear a voice over a loud speaker coming from outside calling your name saying that they have the entire house surrounded!

Your wife looks at you in the eyes and says “Who the bleep did I marry!?!” well, if you are an Xbox Live Employee that is tasked with banning people who cheat, this may be an every day ordeal.

Eric Neustadter is one of these Xbox employees, and the most recent attack against him was an unknown person sending in texts to 911 pretending to be Neustadter

The texts were saying that he had only seconds to live. Two males that he identified as Russians had forcefully entered his house, shot his son dead and scattered military-grade Claymore mines all across his lawn. In that moment, a barricaded bedroom door and a text to 911 were his only hopes at seeing another sunrise. So what happened next?

“Police asked him to come outside. Meanwhile, AT&T got another message that stated, “There’s a device blinking red on the kitchen table.”When Neustadter went outside he was “momentarily detained,” the report states, until police were sure nobody was hurt.

“He was able to tell us that everyone in the house was alright and that he believed it was a hoax because it had occurred to numerous other Microsoft employees in the past,” states the police report, …”

Read the full story at: Seattle PI, and The Register

Battleship: The Movie 2012

If you like moviesif you like battleship… If you like Battleship so much that you need to see a 3D movie just to get the full thrill of the action, this Battleship the movie is just for you.

It’s set to come out in 2012 and from the looks of it, it’s actually not that bad… but it’s not that great either, you have the typical plot, military people going out on a training mission and they find a strange square looking thing, so they go out and touch it and it turns out to be Aliens who are here to F*** S*** up! instantly after touching the cube looking structure, the humans are placed inside a bubble looking force field which I’m guessing is going to be the battle field? and then they just start throwing weapons at each other.

You can see the trailer below, but really I think people are just running out of ideas when it comes to making movies. You know what would be a great movie? Monopoly! or heck even Guess Who! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this movie turns out. I’m sure I’ll be in the movie theaters when the movie comes out, maybe not on opening night, but I’ll be out there sometime when I’m bored as a last minute deal.

Rock Paper Scissors Dice

Back in 2004 designer Fatih Baltas came up with Rock Paper Scissors Dice “RPSD” unfortunately, he’s been unable to find a way to turn them into a real product. In today’s day and age this would be an awesome product for Kick Starter. There are hundreds of people readily available waiting to get the next “nerd” thing.

These dice could be used for several things, going all out to solve disputes, or even to settle things between your friends. If president’s jumped into the band wagon, maybe even stop wars from happening? Okay maybe not, but these are really cool! Via: Technabob