Faux Lego Cam Beats The One you Have Around Your Neck

Why would anyone want to pay $55 for a camera that has no LCD Display, no flash, and no “special” features? Beats me. But the Nanoblock digital snapper seems to be trending in Japan. The camera is made out of Fuuvi’s Nanoblocks, which are the Japanese version of the Lego, except smaller – regardless, these blocks too seem to be trending in Japan.

Naturally, when two things are trending, they tend to come together for the better, at least that’s the philosophy that the Japanese have, so they came up with this camera that is 100% completely customizable.

The camera sports a… whopping two-megapixel sensor, a view finder made out of – literally – a square hole made out of Fuuivi’s Nanoblocks, and it has the ability to take video. Once you are satisfied with your picture – not like you even know if it’s good enough – you can plug it into your laptop and retrieve the image right away… check out this video, and you can easily see who this camera is intended for.  [Fuuvi via Cnet]