Scientists Confirm that Time Travel is Impossible

Physicist at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology demonstrated that a single photon cannot be accelerated beyond the speed of light. This means that faster than light time is impossible. So I guess we can scratch that off the list?

The team of researchers were led by Professor Du Shengwang, on one mission, to measure the speed of a photon. Professor Du used Einstein’s theory of relativity to break up the time travel party. According to the theory, nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. However, many scientist and millions of people thought that if you could travel faster than the speed of light, you would effectively be traveling forwards in time. But, thanks to Professor Du’s experiment, we learned that the theory actually holds up and nothing CAN travel faster than the speed of light. So there goes that idea.

Now, this research might have broken one theory, but remember that there are many more theories at traveling in time. Wormholes, for example are one of them, then there is the whole “black hole theory” and many more. So there is still a chance! The video below has a couple of time traveling theories that are still alive now that this one died.

Via:Discovery News