Denmark Comes to an Energy Agreement

Finally, a country is doing something about the increasing usage of renewable energy sources.  Denmark plans to reach at least 50 percent of its electricity usage through wind power by 2020.

The country was able to come to an agreement that according to Martin Lidegaard, the Danish Minister for Climate, Energy, and Building, said is, “the broadest, the greenest, and the most-long term energy agreement that has ever been reached in Denmark.”

The goals for the energy agreement are that CO2 emissions will be reduced to 34 percent of what they were in 1990. It also states that energy consumption will decrease by 12 percent of what it is now. Thirty-five percent of energy will come from renewable resources. Best of all 50 percent of energy will come from wind power. The goal is to work towards these for 2020, but more plans are being set aside for up to the year 2050.

Denmark will definitely be the global leader in green energy sources. One can only hope that the rest of world will grow up and learn something. There is nothing to be gained by trying to stick to the depleting fossil fuels. It only causes economy problems, and everyone pointing fingers.

Denmark is enacting this before it is too late. If other countries keep waiting around, by the time they decide to swap to greener measures it really will cost them. It is great to see a government come together that may not always agree, but they see what the true cost will be if they do not look to wiser sources of fuel.