Canada has a New Plastic $100 Bill and it’s Very Difficult To Counterfeit

It looks like our northern neighbors decided to change the look and feel of their $100 bank notes. This move is going to stop most counterfeiters that are still counterfeiting Canadian’s paper notes. The new bill is made out of plastic – this makes the note Safer and Innovative.

The $100 bill is made out of a single sheet of plastic polymer, and it has a whole bunch of different high tech security features that should deter any counterfeiter in a heart best. Mexico currently uses plastic bills, these bill are supposed to last longer than paper bills since they are more durable. The bank of Canada stated that their bills too will last twice as long as paper money, furthermore, they stated that once the bill is done going through circulation, they will recycle the bill and make more of it.

The video I posted above goes over the different security features of the bill, some of them are reflective plastic polymers, see through plastic images with metallic embeds, raised ink on big numbers, and a small transparent window that when you look at it through the light, it shows a $100 bill in the center.

I’m sure this is going to stop most counterfeiters but it’s only a matter of time before criminals figure out how to crack the bills and they start making new super notes.