Verizon Teams Up With RedBox To Take On Netflix & Amazon

Verizon was trying to buy out Netflix a while back, at least that was the rumour, but today Verizon decided to take on Netflix by teaming up with Redbox to offer a new “compelling” service. The details are still not fully released, but the new Verizon-Redbox venture would provide Verizon customers with over 35,400 kiosks across the country. Verizon customers will be able to rent DVD’s, Blue-rays, and video games, in return, Verizon will give out streaming videos to RedBox customers.

The focus will be to deliver new movies to kiosks first and push older content to the streaming route. Let’s hope that this is a smart move because Verizon is putting in a whole bunch of money into something that may go out of fad soon.

DVD’s are slowly loosing their cool and movies are quickly moving to the streaming realm. This may be a great move for RedBox customers, but it may be a losing deal for Verizon, if it doesn’t work were going to be stuck with the bill. Via FastCompany.