Kodak is Backing Out of the Digital Camera Business

The company that started it all in the 1970’s is backing out of the Digital Camera business. After Kodak developed the first digital camera, other companies quickly jumped onboard the ship. Kodak stayed the course developing cameras the way it had in the past with the mind set of – if it’s not broken why fix it? While everyone else came in with radical ideas that pushed the company off the ledge.

The digital camera market has been over flooding with new companies and new designs coming out almost every other month; Unfortunately, Kodak was unable to keep up with changing times. Companies like Sony, Nikon, and Canon are developing video and digital cameras that over shadow Kodak’s generic cameras. Kodak “moment’s” are better suited for last minute CVS trips when you’re out of town. Even then, you can quickly drive out to Best Buy and buy an “Okay” camera for $50 bucks, which is going to beat a disposable digital camera’s quality – plus, you can use it more than once.

Another competitor, and giant threat to the digital camera world is the Cellphone industry, they have been adding amazing features to their phones. Not only can you take a picture or video clip on the go, but you can also share the image instantly with whomever you want.

But Kodak is not out of the picture yet, in order to keep the cash flowing, the company says it will focus on licensing its patented technologies out and strengthening its online and retail-based photo printing, desktop inkjet printing and film businesses.  Kodak, via PetaPixel