The 50-Dollar Camera Follow Focus is Will Make Your Videos Suck Less

I know you’re probably thinking: What’s a follow focus? and you’r face may look a little something like this O.o but really it’s basically a tool that makes focus adjustments smoother and more precise while recording video using a photo-camera. Normally speaking when you’re taking still photos, you have nothing to worry about. You can snap a picture, wait a short while, fix the focus and snap another one. When you’re recording video however, the entire process can be a bit difficult.

Since most cameras don’t have an auto focus, you’re forced to twist the focus left and right and that’s not always as smooth as you would want it to be. Some times you end up with your finger on the lens, other times the focus is so horrible that you have to squint your eyes while watching the video. This Follow Focus gadget is going to take care of that for you. Using a simple lever and pulley system, you can quickly make the focus adjustments in an instant without making it suck to much.

This is a pretty interesting Kickstarter project, and if you pledge now you can get the Follow Focus assembly for $60, which gets you a follow focus assembly with a belt and pulley designed for standard SLR lenses. The more advanced version which costs $75 gets you the hardware to accommodate larger lenses. [Kickstarter]