Google Glasses to Be Released Later This Year

Google has invented the nerd world’s next big trend, and I should know because I live in this world.  That trend is glasses that operate like a smartphone.  This just brings to mind the Terminator scene where the terminator is looking at the world through a computer.  Not to say that Google will turn us all into actual Androids, but it is very cool.

The glasses will give the wearer a real time view of the world around them.  This means that they will be able to see navigation routes, friend updates, and be able to record and take pictures.  The glasses themselves resemble Oakley Thumps.  This only adds to futuristic styling imagination that Google is creating.

The New York Times reported that these glasses will be using solely an Android system, but 9 to 5 Google released an update that said the glasses will tie into Google Cloud.  The glasses are meant to be used in combination with Google’s “location services.” They might have a version of Android, but the glasses are meant to allow the wearer to walk around with information popping up on the screen that is coming from nearby Wi-Fi services and GPS.

The glasses will have a heads up display in one lens that is not transparent.  The navigation works by head tilting to scroll and click.  The storage available is speculated to be at least 1GHz.  There will also be voice input and output available.

The release of the glasses will start out as a “pilot program” later in the year to allow Google to see if there is any actual mass market appeal for them.  I do not know about the rest of the planet, but I would definitely like to try a pair of these out.