Google’s Direction to Traveling from Tulsa Oklahoma to Hawaii

For the most part, Google is very good at giving locations from point A to point B, I use them all the time. But earlier today, I was looking at a friend’s status on Facebook stating that he was looking for directions from Tulsa Oklahoma towards Honolulu Hawaii, instead of getting the more “useful” response of “Get a Plane Ticket”… Google decided to send him through the Scenic Route.

Drive up to Washington DC, and then Kayak Across the Pacific Ocean… estimate Time… 15 Days…. that is if you survive the trip.

That’s not as bad as China to Taiwan, Step #48 that asks you to Swim Across the Pacific Ocean. or New York to London, the only way to get there is to swim across the Entire Ocean…

Okay, so these are not real directions, you of course have to find better ways to travel by using your super awesome human brain, this is just Google showing us that they still have a sense of humor. The reason I’m saying this is because of that woman who sued Google about a year ago for following “walking” directions and getting run over by a car… you remember that?  if not, check out the video at the bottom. In the mean time, see if you can find other places like these… here is a hint, try getting directions to unreachable destinations by ordinary means… like Islands, or Mountain tops Etc.