U.S. Navy has a better flight simulator than the U.S. Airforce?

Who has the best flight simulator in the world? is not the Royal Air Force, or Chinese Air Force,it’s also not the U.S. Air Force…  it’s the U.S. Navy, yup for some reason the Navy feels they need to teach their pilots how to fly planes rather than how to Navigate Boats.

Now I know that the Army, Marines, Navy, also fly planes and you’re probably thinking “why doesn’t the Air Force have one of these? well it’s pretty simple, the Air Force train using real jets, since they need to have real time flight contact. Regardless of how BIG and accurate this simulator is, real life works better for them. Not dissing the Navy air force division at all since this is actually very sweet, trainees need to clock in 96 hours in the T-45C (the simulator) to fly a real T-45 Goshawk fighter. The actual details are still unknown as to how big the screen is, or how real the objects in the simulator look and how well everything works. But regardless, this is an amazing piece of technology here is a video of the OLD flight simulator that they had and it’s used to keep already trained pilots active and keep them trained without using their jets. while the NEW one is supposed to train pilots to fly a real jet.

the old one looks pretty cool if you ask me, I can only imagine how the new one looks and works. you can read more about the system here US Air Force Official Flickr