Will Ferrell Can Now Speak Spanish – Not Bad

Being from a Spanish decent, I thought “truly, Will cannot get away with making a Spanish comedy – Mexican idioms are going to be way off!” but somehow he managed to pull it off. The video above a trailer for his most recent Movie: Casa De Mi Padre

The comedy may not do to great with real 100% Hispanics, Americanized Hispanics may find this comedy pretty funny.

Ferrell says he worked with a translator for a month before filming to nail down the correct delivery of his Spanish dialogue.  Once shooting began, he would drive with the translator to the set every morning to go over that day’s work.  This meant that Ferrell, who’s well known for improvising and coming up with new lines and jokes on the spot, had to stick with what was in the script.  Director Matt Piedmont compared Ferrell acting in another language to a boxer fighting with one hand tied behind his back.  Piedmont said, “The thought of him speaking Spanish is insane but if you know Will, you know somehow it will become completely legitimate and logical and a blast.”

Ferrell joked that he’s not done expanding his cinematic world.  He said, “I have 17 projects in development, mostly in Spanish, some in Korean and one in German. It’s an exciting time.”

If he actually does pull of a Korean and a German film… well be damn that’s going to be flipping awesome! Via: Yahoo Movies