What if Disney Did Jaws – Shark Song

Sharks are scary, no one want’s to be near one of them when they’re in the ocean. That’s why Jaws was such a good movie when it came out. No one really knew much about sharks, and the movie really made them look like the bad guys of the sea. Which is a good thing, because if Disney would of made it, we’d all be jumping over board to play with the fish.

The problem with Disney movies is not that they suck, or the fact that they keep on putting out the same movies over and over again with different characters, or even turning an old movie into 3d. The problem is that most of the movies are going to have one of three things: Musicals, some sort of “hope” sappy story, or a sex symbol hidden in random places.

Jaws was an awesome movie – because it wasn’t made by Disney, but have you ever wonder how the movie would have turned out if Disney made it? the video above is a parody of the film so you can see how it would of turned out. They practically turned Jaws into Nemo …