The Coolest Toy Ever An RC Robot Bird That Atually Flies

Who said robots couldn’t fly by flapping a set of wings? I know this is probably the most inefficient way of making something fly, but it’s definitely something that’s cool and awesome. The reason “bird like” planes are difficult to get off the ground is because of the way the wings move. When a flat wing moves up, it creates pressure to the top of the wing that pushes the object down, when the wing comes down, it makes the pressure on the bottom side of the wing that pushes the object up. So you can see how this would be difficult.

Engineers have long given up on the whole “let’s fly like a bird design” and focused on the more traditional, more effective, more durable designs that we’re used to now days – the ones with the turbine and flat steady wings. This doesn’t mean that other people didn’t keep on trying, but the majority did. Mainly because of the video I posted on the right where this poor man completely destroys his invention in a matter of minutes.

The video from above is actually an original Sean Kinkade (SK) Park Hawk! Version 1! It truly is an amazing machine. Its hard to believe when you first see it, but it is the easiest thing to fly and has proven to be quite robust. Robert, the guy flying the bird, found this gem hanging from the roof of one of their local hobby shops and had to pick it up. Surprisingly, the bird flies better than the “much older human size counter part” if you’re interested in buying one go directly to the source – http://www.flappingflight.com/ Via: RCUAV