The Black Bun Darth Vader Burger is Not That Bad Looking

I remember when Burger King came out with the green ketchup in celebration of the newest Shrek film that was in theaters. Not once did I ever try that ketchup, it looked out of place and gross. This burger in celebration of The Phantom Menace might be the same thing. It belongs to a French fast food chain called Quick. The burger is complete with a black bun – it tastes the same they just added food coloring to the doe .

There is also a white Jedi burger, which is more like regular color buns, but that doesn’t look as cool as the Dark “Vador” burger. The burger is going to be available until March 1st. This is probably the first time I’m very jealous of the French, BK needs to have something like this, I’d buy it.

Via Buzzfeed