Epic Battle Where 30 Hornets Take On 30,000 Bees

The movie Killer Bees was a hell of a movie, they turn an aggressive type of bee into a deadly monster that killed anything that came into their path. But if you’re a killer bee, your worst enemy is not another colony of bees, it’s an even more fearsome monster. The Japanese Giant Hornet comes directly from Japan, and is probably deadlier than Godzilla him herself. Watch as this nest of 30,000 bees make their last stand against 30 of the feared hornets.

The Honeybees made their stand but failed to push away their attackers, the hornets practically attacked the bees in mid flight by piercing their abdomens with a superior hornet stinger. The hornets may have taken out the weaker, more docile Honeybees that we all learned to love for their honey, had this been a nest of Japanese Honeybees, the results would have been much different.

Unlike the European Honeybees, the Japanese bees have a special type of defense. This is honestly the only “B” the Japanese would be proud of. They “fry” the hornets to death, literally. The video below is what would have happened if the hornets confused a bee’s nest with a Japanese Bee’s Nest. After watching these two videos, I learned one thing – don’t mess with Japanese anything. via Blame the Voices