Holy Smoke can turn your cremated remains into live ammunition

When you die, there are hundreds of different options for what to do with your body. Everything from being buried the traditional way, or cremated. Then you can take the eco friendly way and be turned to ashes and put into a milk carton full of seeds so you can grow a tree. If you want to get crazy, you can even liquify your remains or be shot out into space.

But, if you want to be really awesome, then you would go to Alabama’s Holy Smoke and have your ashes turn into shotgun shells, rifle cartridges, or even pistol ammunition. That’s right, for a little under $900 you can have your deceased remains turned into bullets.

The company was founded by Clem Parnell and Thad Holmes, a state conservation officer, while they were looking for illegal hunters. They held a conversation that went from normal to just plain weird and ended up with a company that makes bullets out of dead people. Parnell, had recently lost a family member and when discussing their feelings they found they had a mutual concern regarding traditional methods of  disposing their loved ones’ remains.

One pound of ashes produces as many as 250 shotgun shells, the average body makes about six pounds of ashes after cremation, that’s more than enough firepower to have a party for a gun fanatic where everyone can come out and shoot him off into different directions, or even go hunting with him. Even though this company took over 4 years to finally come up into existence, they’ve only had two clients. But now that everyone is talking about it, they are taking orders!

I can already see some morbid family member that is seeking revenge of a loved ones death with their loved one as ammunition. Via Reuters